Custom Design Solutions

We enjoy providing custom-designed balustrading solutions for any application. We have often provided professional advice to builders and owners in many tricky situations, always ensuring the solution complies with building regulations.

Narrow U-shaped Staircase

This unusual staircase design features a U-shaped stair with 6 winders. Although the staircase was only 800mm wide, building regulations demanded a continuous handrail.

We advised the builder to connect two handrails in the middle with a vertical piece instead of making another handrail on the wall. This solution saved them from losing another 100mm from the stair width which would have made it extremely narrow.

Wrought Iron Balustrading

Decorative wrought iron balustrading set into timber framing with turned posts.

Steel Mesh Balustrading

A wall of electro-polished steel mesh provides a stunning option for a very different style barrier. Imported from Germany.

Extra Long Vertical Steel Posts

Vertical steel posts extend from the stairs to the ceiling, providing an attractive barrier.

“Thank you for the great job you did with designing and installing our wrought iron staircase.
We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
Your professionalism, reliability, advice and attention to detail was second to none and we would not hesitate to recommend your services.”
Eve Costopoulos
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