Glass Panel Balustrading

• Glass panel balustrading offers a huge range of style possibilities for both indoor and exterior applications.
• Toughened glass panels in clear, tinted or frosted options are embedded into custom-made stainless steel frames to create your unique look.
• Our marine-grade stainless steel framing is attractive, durable, rust-proof, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and offer great brilliant flexibility in design. We can provide a solution for tricky or complex design problems.
• We can also supply frameless glass balustrading for pool barriers or where you want to enjoy a beautiful view.

Clear Glass Interior Gallery

Clear Glass Exterior Gallery

Tinted Glass Gallery

Frosted Glass Gallery

Clear Glass Pool Fencing

“We recently installed glass panels and rotating glass doors in two separate locations at the Clinic.
The two glass doors, (one weighing 50kg and the other 60kg), aligned with perfect accuracy. The glass doors rotate over a hydraulic system which allows them to swing into the required direction and then close once released.
Not only that, but they were installed within two days with minimal disruption to my business working hours.
A perfect job, minimal disruption – you cannot get better than that. My colleagues are most impressed.”
Heidelberg Veterinary Clinic
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Frameless Glass Balustrade Melbourne

Are you looking for eye-catching and reliable type of balustrade that provides safety and looks to your property’s stair case or balcony? At Handrails & Balustrades we offer unique and unmatched glass panel balustrading to our customers across Melbourne. Thanks to our years of experience delivering unique solutions we offer a huge range of style possibilities for both interior and exterior applications with our frameless glass balustrades. Perfect for Melbourne homes our toughened and heat-soaked glass in clear, tinted or frosted options are embedded into custom made stainless steel handrails to create your unique look and to comply with Australian Standards.

Glass Balustrades in Bundoora, Croydon, Eltham, Greensborough, Templestowe, Ringwood & wider Melbourne

Our marine grade stainless steel is attractive, durable, rust-proof, easy to clean and offers great flexibility in design. We can provide solutions for tricky or complex design dilemmas. We can also supply frameless glass balustrade for pool fences or where you want to enjoy a beautiful view without bulky abstractions.

Stair Balustrades Melbourne

Toughened 10 or 12mm thick glass panels are available in clear, tinted and frosted finishes. Our 1700mm high frosted glass panels are perfect for obscuring the neighbouring property. In addition, you can choose the very popular frameless glass pool fencing available all over Melbourne, without blocking the view of the pool. We can also custom design and manufacture balustrading to your requirements.

Glass Pool Fencing in Doncaster, Heidelberg & wider Melbourne

Thanks to the passionate team at Handrails & Balustrades, our high-quality glass balustrades are perfectly suitable for Melbourne’s weather. Committed to providing our customers with a wide selection of superior options, our balcony glass balustrades come in framed, semi-frameless and frameless options. Thanks to their eye-catching design and noticeable location, glass balcony balustrades can add value and higher level of visual appeal. To learn more about our balustrade and handrail products, please feel free to contact us today.